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Thomas Nuttall

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Botanist, Zoologist. Pioneer naturalist in America from 1808 until 1841. Published works include the ''Manual of Ornithology of the United States and Canada'' and ''The Genera of North American Plants.''
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United Kingdom
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The World Register of Marine Species lists 44 marine genera and species named with the epithet nuttalli. Various plants and birds were named after me, including Nuttall's woodpecker Picoides nuttallii by my friend William Gambel, and yellow-billed magpie Pica nuttalli and common poorwill Phalaenoptilus nuttallii by John James Audubon. I am also commemorated in the Pacific dogwood Cornus nuttallii, Nuttall's larkspur, Nuttall's oak Quercus texana, the catclaw briar Mimosa nuttallii, Nuttall's violet Viola nuttallii, Nuttall's saltbush Atriplex nuttallii, and Nuttall's rayless goldenrod Bigelowia nuttallii.


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