Qualifications for membership

The Nuttall Ornithological Club has, from its beginning in 1873, followed a policy of electing its members. Non-members may be invited to meetings as guests of members. When a member thinks a guest is a good candidate for membership, that person is normally invited to attend meetings regularly for at least a year to show serious interest in the club. Once the guest has shown such interest, he or she may be sponsored for membership; this must be done by at least two members. The sponsors invite the candidate to fill out an application form, which they then endorse and submit to the Council. The Council then considers and votes on whether to accept the new member.

Criteria for membership were adopted by the Council in 1998 to give both members and potential applicants a better idea of what qualifications are desired. Club membership requires long-term efforts in several of the following areas:

Scholarship (e.g.)
  • Has published books or articles in ornithological journals.
  • Has taught ornithology or conducted ornithological research.
Leadership (e.g.)
  • Has served in a leadership role in a birding, ornithological, or conservation organization, or as a Christmas bird count compiler.
  • Has initiated a school birding program or bird conservation effort.
Field excellence (e.g.)
  • Has authored articles or contributed to regional bird reports for a birding journal.
  • Has conducted breeding bird surveys or led birding trips.
Strong interest in the Nuttall Ornithological Club (e.g.)
  • Has attended meetings consistently over a period of at least a year.
  • Has spoken at a Club meeting.
  • Has authored a Nuttall publication.
Recent demonstration of these qualities
  • Some of the above qualities should have been demonstrated in the past three years.

The application form asks the candidate to state his or her ornithological qualifications, including organizational affiliations and offices held, published works, research projects, and general birding or ornithological involvement.

To find out more about membership criteria and procedures, talk to a member, officer, or Council member of the Club.

Application forms for Nuttall membership may be downloaded here in PDF format.

2023 Officers, Council, Committees

President Wayne R. Petersen
Vice President Noah G. Perlut
Secretary Vincent A. Spagnuolo
Treasurer Craig B. Gibson
Council Thomas W. French
Brian A. Harrington
Rebecca J. Harris
John C. Kricher
James F. McCoy
Kimberly A. Peters (Immediate Past President)
Patricia Randall
Trustees Allan R. Keith, Chair
H. Christian Floyd
John A. Shetterly
Robert H. Stymeist
Blake-Nuttall Fund Committee Noah G. Perlut, Chair
Robert N. Buchsbaum
Trevor L. Lloyd-Evans
Editors Jerome A. Jackson
Richard R. Veit
Publications Committee David M. Larson, Chair
Kenneth J. Harte
John C. Kricher
John A. Shetterly
Brooke Stevens