Mia Revels

Mia Revels – Natural History of the Swainson’s Warbler

Dr. Mia Revels, an associate professor of biology at Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, has risen to the challenge of assessing the status of Swainson’s Warbler in Oklahoma.

Revels’ was an undergraduate at Northeastern State and received her degree in natural sciences and science education. She then earned a Master of Science in natural sciences and a Master of Education in science education from the same institution.

Revels had this to say about her current research: “Swainson’s Warblers are incredibly challenging to study, which is one of the attractions to me. They frequent thick, dark vine tangles and dense thickets. I rarely see them unless I find a nest or net one to band. You are much more likely to hear their loud, ringing, beautiful song than to actually see the bird itself. But, if you work hard, you can capture a glimpse of a Swainson’s Warbler perched in a tree singing away, or half-buried under the leaf litter, small body vibrating as they search for invertebrate prey.”

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