Marja H. Bakermans

Marja Bakermans – Breeding Bird Response to Forest Management: Developing Guidelines for Two Imperiled Species

Marja H. Bakermans

  • B.S. Biology: Bucknell University
  • M.S. Natural Resources: The Ohio State University
  • Ph. D. Natural Resources: The Ohio State University
  • Currently: Assitant Biology Professor, Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Marja writes:

I possess a strong commitment to student education, and a goal of mine is to stimulate students’ critical thinking and problem solving abilities. I have a well-grounded research background, which informs my teaching of interdisciplinary topics with an expertise in environmental science and conservation biology in both North and Latin America. I take an experiential approach to teaching where students receive a solid foundation of knowledge but then apply this to real-life situations. Field projects and service learning are essential components of my classroom instruction. Students can better connect to concepts when they see first-hand techniques. Undeniably, that is how I discovered my passion for biology. Thus, my classes are geared to create an interaction between learning and application. To achieve this I use an inquiry-based approach to teaching with an assortment of active teaching strategies and create a favorable learning environment where students are motivated to learn.

The goal of my research program is to promote conservation of biodiversity by maintaining viable wildlife populations across the landscape. Specifically, my research addresses the influence of anthropogenic disturbances, like forest management, urbanization, and agriculture, on wildlife. It is my goal to open students’ eyes to the evolving and interconnected world of science by using my research as an example of how to assimilate science and the role of conservation in today’s world. Ultimately, it is my goal to provide an inclusive and enjoyable environment that fosters the learning process for students and allows us all to be lifelong learners.


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