Luis Segura

Luis Segura – Argentina: 1000 Birds, and More

Field problem presented: Steve Mirick- Extreme Pelagic Birding

Luis Segura has worked in ecotourism and conservation since 1982. He has volunteered in projects oriented to preserve natural ecosystems and wildlife species in his native country, Argentina. He is a member of the Argentine branch of Birdlife International, Asociación Ornitológica del Plata.

In his home city, Puerto Madryn, Luis founded the first bird society in Patagonia, called Asociación Ornitológica Austral. He is also co-author of the Spanish version of John Kricher’s book A Neotropical Companion.

In 2001, Luis started his own tour company, Trogon Tours/Birding Argentina, which runs nature and birding tours in the southern cone of South America and Antarctica. Through his company, he promotes and operates tours focused on natural history that support conservation projects. He also trains naturalist guides in the art of leading natural history tours.

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