Harry Vogel

Harry Vogel – The State of the Loon

Harry Vogel received his BES degree in environment and resource studies and biology from the University of Waterloo, ON, in 1990 and his MSc degree in zoology from University of Guelph, ON, in 1995.

In his professional career he has been Project Biologist and Coordinator for Canadian Lakes Loon Survey for Bird Studies, Canada; Trustee, Cochair and Chairman of Research for North American Loon Fund; and Senior Biologist, Executive Director and Cochair of New Hampshire’s Loon Preservation Committee. He has authored and coauthored numerous papers on loon biology, toxicology and population trends.

Among his additional activities:

  • Service to the scientific community and the public through participation in collaborative groups.
  • Dissemination of research results to scientific and lay communities through public presentations, scientific papers, reports to government agencies and the New Hampshire Legislature, posters, exhibits, and lay articles.
  • Training of graduate and undergraduate students in conducting field research, study design, analysis of data, and write-up of projects using Loon Preservation Committee data.
  • Development of a relational database to house 37 years of data on loon abundance, productivity and mortality in New Hampshire.

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