öll réttindi áskilin - myndir af starfsfólki Náttúrufræðistofnunar Íslands til notkunar á heimasíðu stofnunarinnar og vegna greinaskrifa starfsfólks. Önnur notkun háð leyfi höfundar. Allt framsal til 3ja aðila óheimilt.

Dr. Aevar Petersen – Icelandic birds, mainly seabird population changes

The talk will focus on three main issues; (1) introduction to the Icelandic bird fauna; (2) seabirds and factors influencing population changes; and (3) seabird monitoring as a conservation tool. The breeding bird fauna of Iceland has rather few species, about 80, but this is made up in numbers. The principal bird groups are anseriform species, shorebirds, and seabirds. Passerines are relatively few. Two species have become extinct; Great Auk and Waterrail. During recent decades, many seabird populations have declined, some seriously. Different factors are responsible related to species, but deficiency of Sandlance related to climate change has attracted most attention. Other mortality factors have also been considered, namely hunting and harvest, discards from the fishing fleet, bycatch, and contamination. Some seabirds have benefitted from changes in fish populations. Research has focused on most factors, although many questions are still unanswered. A national monitoring program is not in place on Icelandic birds. Seabird monitoring has depended mostly on a few interested individuals. Of the 23 species of seabirds breeding in Iceland, some still have no monitoring program, most partial, but the entire population is covered in some species.

Dr. Aevar Petersen received his B.Sc (Honours) from Aberdeen U. , Scotland.  Thesis on food and gut length of purple sandpipers.  D.Phil. from Oxford U., England.  Doctoral thesis on population ecology of black guillemots.  He is an ornithologist with fieldwork experience centered on Iceland.  Field biologist as well as museum curator for decades.  Main research interests include population and monitoring studies, distributional, banding, geolocator and GPS studies, climate change and contaminants, relationship of humans and nature such as harvesting of wild birds.  Primary focus of research on seabirds, working on many other species, incl. loons, shorebirds, passerines, and vagrant mammals (whales, walrus, polar bear, bats).  Curator and Director of Icelandic Institute of Natural History from 1978, retiring in May 2013.  In his later affiliation with the Institute, he performed research as Chief Scientist.  For decades, was advisory on bird conservation and management issues to government. Long experience in numerous committee works, domestic incl. revising conservation legislation, Nordic, and international.  Icelandic National Representative of the Arctic Council’s CAFF (Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna) working group since inauguration 1993 until 2011, twice as Chair.

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