Andrew Vitz

Andrew Vitz – Why are Songbirds so Hard to Locate in Midsummer: An Examination of the Post-fledging Period

Andrew Vitz, who is from Cincinnati, Ohio, earned a BS from the University of Wisconsin and his MS and PhD from Ohio State University, studying the post-fledging ecology of forest songbirds. Dr Vitz worked four years as an avian ecologist for the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Pennsylvania before being appointed Massachusetts State Ornithologist in 2012.

His research is grounded in the ecology, conservation, and management of the birds of eastern North America, an incredibly diverse group of birds many of which are experiencing long-term population declines. He is especially interested in developing a better understanding for the causes of these declines and how to reverse this pattern. He has worked with birds in both North and South America and studied all of the major phases of their annual cycle (breeding, migration, over-wintering).

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