Sustaining New Hampshire’s State Endangered Northern Harrier Breeding Population

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New Hampshire Audubon

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Historically in New Hampshire, Northern Harriers (Circus hudsonius) were likely
restricted to freshwater and tidal marshes, beaver meadows, and other natural or human-made
upland and lowland openings. Agricultural activity in the state during the 1800’s created a
mosaic of fields and edges that turned many areas into potentially suitable harrier breeding or
foraging habitat. Over the last 150 years, however, much of the Granite State’s landscape has
either been heavily impacted by development or has become reforested. Additionally, intensive
management practices carried out on agricultural lands that remain in the state have the
potential to place nesting or foraging harriers at risk.

Program Report: 2023 NH Audubon Northern Harrier Grant Report August

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