Ornithological Assessment of Essex County Coastal Bird Islands

Principal Investigator(s):

Tim Calabrese, Wayne Petersen


Mass Audubon

Project Term:

2016 - 2017

Beginning in January 2017 Mass Audubon implemented a project designed to assess avian breeding activity on 39 inshore islands located off Cape Ann, Essex County, Massachusetts. Collectively these islands comprise the Essex County Coastal Bird Islands Important Bird Area (IBA). The overall purpose and goals of the study were:

  1. Develop an understanding of past and current bird survey efforts, examine historic avian data sources and data sets, review past and present management actions, and consider possibilities and options for possible future management activities.
  2. Complete a preliminary assessment of current breeding bird activity on the islands.
  3. Develop recommendations, plans, and budgets for future follow up actions.

Program Report: Ornithological Assessment of Essex County Coastal Bird Islands

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