Explore Birds. Learning environments in public spaces across NYC.

Principal Investigator(s):

Leslie T. Davol


The UNI Project

Project Term:

2017 - 2018

In October 2017, the Uni Project in partnership with Washington Square Park Eco Projects received a $1,500 grant from the Blake-Nuttall Fund towards the development of a program that would offer New Yorkers a pop-up learning environment focused on birds. The plan was to deploy this program to various public spaces across New York City as a way to expand opportunities for people of all ages to learn about birds, and forge stronger connections between urban New Yorkers with the world of birds around them.

The Uni Project is a nonprofit that creates programs for public spaces across New York City—pop-up reading rooms, open-air drawing studios, and more. Washington Square Park (WSP) Eco Projects is an environmental education, advocacy, and research collaborative led by Georgia Silvera Seamans. Both organizations had collaborated on programs, exhibits, and activities in public space since 2016.

Program Report: Explore Birds – Learning Environments in Public Spaces of NYC

[flipbook pdf=”https://www.nuttallclub.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/Explore-Birds-Learning-Environments-in-Public-Spaces-of-NYC.pdf”]

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